:  The Sea Moths
Taxonomy: Gasterosteiformes, Sea Moths  (Pegasidae)
General Information: The Sea Moths include 2 genera and 5 species. They have a flattened body that is encased in bony plates. Their pectoral fins are wing-like and their pelvic fins work as legs to crawl on the substrate. Their protrusive mouths lie on the ventral body surface. They lack swimbladders and spines on their fins.
Diet: These fish feed on benthic invertebrates.
Final Note: These fish require a substantial sandy substrate surface upon which to move and feed. Their should be little or no live rock or any other decorations on the sand substrate. They feed on moving prey and nonliving prey will generally not be accepted. They are prone to starvation if kept with other competitive species. They are best kept with seahorses, pipefishes, gobies, etc.

Examples at SeaScape Studio:
Dragon Sea Moth