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Seascape Studio
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SeaScape Studio is YOUR local supplier of animals and equipment for your marine system!
  • We sell all types of marine fish and invertebrates, with new shipments arriving every week. (957 different species so far!).
  • We sell live rock, R/O water, premixed saltwater, water additives, fish foods, meds, pumps, filters, heaters, skimmers, and more.
  • We test water and can help remedy the chemical issues of your saltwater system.
  • We have a curator in charge of husbandry to treat our water and limit the parasites and diseases that can reach your systems.

Reef Safe: No-Caution-Yes   Care Level: Difficult-Moderate-Easy   Temperament: Aggressive-Caution-Peaceful
The organisms pictured above may not be the actual specimens in the store.
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