:  The Filefish
Taxonomy: Tetraodontiformes, Filefish  (Monacanthidae)
General Information: The filefishes include about 95 species in 31 genera. They have very small scales and rough sandpapery skin. They possess a single spine anterior to the long dorsal fin. Most species reach less than 24 inches in length, although the largest reaches over 3 1/2 feet.
Diet: The diet varies by species, ranging from herbivores that eat algae to corallivores that feed on corals. Many species eat invertebrates.
Final Note: Filefishes will browse on corals. They can inflict a painful bite and should be handled with caution. Their dorsal spines, when erect, will get caught in a net so they should be handled with containers. Coral rubble may be offered to allow them to wear down their constantly growing teeth.

Examples at SeaScape Studio:
Matted Filefish
Orange Spot Filefish
Red-tailed Filefish
Scribbled Filefish
Tassled Filefish
Valentini Mimic Filefish