:  The Frogfish
Taxonomy: Lophiiformes, Frogfish  (Antennariidae)
General Information: The Antennariidae includes about 43 species in 12 genera. The are bottom-dwellers with short and fat bodies, often brightly colored. Nearly all species are marine. They have 3 dorsal fins, the most anterior one serves as a lure for feeding. It serves as a 'lure' for capturing prey and lack scales and a swimbladder. They have the peculiar ability to 'walk' on their pectoral fins. Their bodies are shape-camouflaged to resemble rocks or coral to avoid predation.
Diet: Frogfishes are capable of eating food larger than their own body size. They are not safe with fish their own size or slightly larger.
Final Note: The frogfishes are avid feeders and will attack prey much larger than they should. They should not be offered fish larger than they are.

Examples at SeaScape Studio:
Painted Frogfish
Sargassum Frogfish
Shaggy Anglerfish
Wartskin Frogfish
Yellow Angler Fish