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Pakistani Butterflyfish   (Chaetodon collare)
Family: Chaetodontidae (Butterflyfishes)
Natural Range: Indian Ocean
Depth: 10 to 49 ft.   Size: 6 in.   Jumps: No   Space: 55+ gal.
Reef Safe: No   Care Level: Moderate   Temperament: Aggressive
Diet: Coral polyps, flatworms, algae
Natural History: The Pakistan Butterflyfish is found on rocky coral reefs in pairs or larger groups. It is often seen in pairs but may also form large shoals of up to 20 fish. The shoals usually stay in one areas on the reef. It may display to other Pakistani Butterflies by enhancing the two bands on its forehead.
Husbandry: The Pakistani Butterfly should be kept singly in aquaria unless they are added simultaneously. It is not unusual for this species to refuse food for several days after introduction to an aquarium. It may be bullied by more aggressive tankmates and become a recluse.

AKA: Collare Butterflyfish, Pakistan Butterflyfish, Red-tailed Butterflyfish

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