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Emperor Red Snapper   (Lutjanus sebae)
Family: Lutjanidae (Snappers)
Natural Range: Red Sea, Indian Ocean, Indo-Pacific Region, Western Pacific Ocean
Depth: 16 to 591 ft.   Size: 25 in.   Jumps: No   Space: 180+ gal.
Reef Safe: No   Care Level: Difficult   Temperament: Peaceful
Diet: Fish, crabs, cephalopods, benthic crustaceans
Natural History: The Emperor Red Snapper is generally found on coral or rocky reefs, sand flats, or gravel patches. Juveniles are more common near shore and are often associated with sea urchins. This fish is observed both as solitary fish and in schools. The Emperor Red Snapper accumulates a toxin (ciguatoxin) from the foods that it consumes. The toxin originates in a dinoflagellate, Gambierdiscus toxicus that accumulates in the flesh of the fish. The bold stripes of the juvenile fade into an overall pink color in the adult form.
Husbandry: The Emperor Red Snapper is a large active fish that requires a large swimming space. While juveniles can be kept together, adults are best housed singly. It will likely eat any small fish and ornamental crustaceans in an aquarium. This species is reported to grow rapidly and eat heartily in captivity.

AKA: Sebae Snapper

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