:  Caryophylliidae
Taxonomy: Scleractinia: Caryophylliidae (Stony Corals)
Body Form: They have fleshy polyps with T-shaped tips. Their coralites grow in long separated valleys producing a meandering body form. Most are shades of brown, green, or blue.
Diet: Some have zooxanthellae and others are entirely heterotrophic.    Care Level:  easy
Natural History: The Caryophylliids all produce a similar wavy skeleton with long plush polyps, usually extended day and night. Most species have tentacles with stinging nematocysts that are capable of damaging other corals. Low to moderate light allows most species to fully expand their fleshy tentacles. Most prefer low to moderate water flow.
Aussie Orange Wall Euphyllia
Cat's Eye Bubble Coral
Elegance Coral
Elegance Coral - Aussie Green
Frogspawn Coral
Green Hammer Coral
Snow White Bubble Coral
Torch Coral
Torch Coral