:  Echinoderms
Body Form: Echinoderms have spiny bodies and tube feet. Tube feet are used to move and catch prey. Their internal water vascular system is unique in the animal kingdom, used to operate their tube feet. The echinoderms are the only animals with specialized muscles that can 'lock' into tension and pull indefinitely to open bivalves and eat them.
Diet: The echinoderms include predators and filter feeders.
Natural History: Echinoderms include the sea lilies, feather stars, sand dollars, sea urchins, starfish, brittle stars, and sea cucumbers. While sea lilies and feather stars filter the ocean water for food, brittle stars and starfish are predators. Sea cucumbers are scavengers that strain ocean sand for food.

Examples at SeaScape Studio:
Basket Star
Biscuit Sea Star - Black & Orange
Blue Linckia
Brittle Star
Brittle Star
Brittle Star
Chocolate Chip Star
Dalmation Linckia Starfish
Flower Urchin
Knobby Fancy Brittle Star
Longspine Urchin
Marble Orange Star
Marble Orange Tile Star
Medusa Worm - Brown
Medusa Worm - Emperor Shrimp Symbiosis
Medusa Worm - Orange
Multicolor Globe Urchin
Orange Linckia Starfish
Peg Urchin
Pencil Urchin
Pink & Yellow Cucumber
Purple Linckia
Red Brittle Star
Red Spined Starfish
Red Thorny Star
Red/Pink Tile Star
Sand Sifting Star
Sea Apple
Short-spined Urchin
Spotted Linckia
Tigertail Cucumber
Tigertail Cucumber
Tuxedo Urchin
Yellow Brittle Star
Yellow Cucumber