:  The Blennies
Taxonomy: Perciformes, Blennies  (Blenniidae)
General Information: Blennies include about 350 species in about 53 genera. Most blennies are bottom-dwelling. Some species are predators and other have teeth specific for grazing algae off of rocks. Most lack a swimbladder which is an adaptation for many bottom dwellers.
Diet: Some are herbivores, and others are crustacean feeders.
Final Note: Blennies are bottom dwellers that generally eat bottom dwelling crustaceans or algae. Each species exhibits a specific diet preference - some are obligate herbivores, some are strict carnivores, and others are omnivores. There are a few species with venomous fangs that serve as defensive weapons. There are a few species of blennies that eat coral polyps, and a few others that bite the scales of fish.

Examples at SeaScape Studio:
Algae Blenny
Bicolor Blenny
Blue Harptail Blenny
Bundoon Blenny
Canary Blenny
Dusky Yellow Streak Blenny
Golden Midas Blenny
Golden Midas Blenny
Golden Midas Blenny
Golden Tiger Blenny
Horned Blenny
Klausewitz's Blenny
Lawnmower Blenny
Lumphead Rockskipper Blenny
Red Starry Blenny
Redlip Blenny
Rippled Rockskipper
Sailfin Blenny
Sandhopper Blenny
Scarface Blenny
Segmented Blenny
Spotted Blenny
Starry Blenny
Stigmatura Blenny
Striped Blenny
Tribal Blenny
Two Spot Blenny
White Blenny