:  The Walking Batfishes
Taxonomy: Lophiiformes, Walking Batfishes  (Ogcocephalidae)
General Information: There are 9 genera and over 60 species of Walking Batfishes. They have a flattened body with a horizontal mouth. Their gills open near the base of their pectoral fins. They have tubercles along the side of their body that is associated with their lateral line organ which determines their sense of hearing. They have a "lure" that they use to bring potential prey within striking distance.
Diet: Small crustaceans and benthic invertebrates.
Final Note: The Walking Batfishes can tolerate a wide range of salinity. They should be housed in a system that resides in a low-traffic area. They may require the positioning of a black plastic strip around the outside base of the aquarium to keep them from incessantly rubbing on the glass. They should not be housed with large herbivores or invertebrates that pick algae from surfaces - these species may pick at the batfish and injure it.

Examples at SeaScape Studio:
Shortnose Batfish