:  The Convict Blenny
Taxonomy: Perciformes, Convict Blenny  (Pholidichthyidae)
General Information: There is only one genus and species in this family, the emeral or convict blenny. This is an eel-like fish with no scales, and one nostril on each side of its head. Its pelvic fins are located just below its pectoral fins. Its caudal (tail) fin is small and rounded and continuous with its dorsal and anal fins.
Diet: This fish feeds on small crustaceans, fish.
Final Note: The convict blenny coloration begins with horizontal stripes early in life, followed by a mottling with vertical bars of yellow on a brown-black background. This species mimics the venomous Striped Eel Catfish (Plotosus lineatus).

Examples at SeaScape Studio:
Engineer Goby