:  The Surgeonfish/Tangs
Taxonomy: Perciformes, Surgeonfish/Tangs  (Acanthuridae)
General Information: The Acanthuridae is entirely marine and includes about 80 species of fish in 6 genera. The distinguishing feature of the tangs is the presence of a pre-caudal spine which is very sharp. Most species reasonably small but some species grow to over a meter.
Diet: Most are detritivores or herbivores.
Final Note: Tangs pick at rock to scrape off algae and may pick at coral polyps also. They are also vulnerable to skin parasites. The sharp spines on the caudal peduncle (tail fin attachment) can be a problem when netted - they should be handled in containers only. They require considerable swimming room and need a large aquarium. They are generally hardy fish.

Examples at SeaScape Studio:
Achilles Tang
Atlantic Blue Tang
Black Tang
Blonde Naso Tang
Blue Hippo Tang
Chevron Tang
Clown Tang
Convict Tang
Dussumieri Tang
Eibli Tang
Flamefin Tomini Tang
Fowleri Tang
Gold Rim Tang
Guttatus Mustard Tang
Half Black Tang
Lavender Tang
Maculiceps Tang
Mimic Tang
Monrovia Surgeonfish
Naso Tang
Orange Shoulder Tang
Powder Blue Tang
Powder Brown Tang
Purple Tang
Ringtail Tang
Sailfin Tang
Sailfin Tang: Desjardinii
Sawtail Tang
Scissortail Tang
Scopas Tang
Sohal Tang
Tennenti Tang
Two Spot Bristletooth
Unicorn Tang
Vlamingi Tang
White Cheek Tang
Yellow Belly Blue Hippo Tang
Yellow Mimic Tang
Yellow Tang
Yellow-Eyed Kole Tang