:  The Parrotfishes
Taxonomy: Perciformes, Parrotfishes  (Scaridae)
General Information: There are 83 species of parrotfishes in 9 genera. The teeth are fused to form a beak and they have pharyngeal teeth to process a constant diet of algae. Their bodies are covered in large cycloid scales. All species are marine, and fall into two groups. One group is the seagrass group and the other is the coral reef group. The reef group includes 4/5 of the total number of parrotfish species.
Diet: Nearly all parrotfish are herbivores, scraping, browsing or excavating surfaces for algae. They can eat embedded algae that no other marine herbivore can reach.
Final Note: The parrotfish are difficult to care for and are best left to the advance aquarist with very large aquaria. Their difficulty lies in their large size and hyperactive swimming behavior.

Examples at SeaScape Studio:
Iridescent Parrotfish