:  The Pufferfish
Taxonomy: Tetraodontiformes, Pufferfish  (Tetraodontidae)
General Information: There are over 120 species in Tetraodontidae with 19 genera. These fish have one small dorsal fin, a small anal fin, a beaklike mouth with fused teeth, and no scales or ribs. They produce tetrodotoxin which is highly toxic to fish and humans. Most are marine but a few are freshwater.
Diet: Benthich invertebrates such as sponges, stony corals, tubeworms, mollusks, etc.
Final Note: Puffers should be given mollusks with shells to allow them to wear down their teeth. New arrivals may need to be dewormed before putting in the home aquarium. A dead puffer must be removed immediately before its toxin is released into the aquarium to kill other fish.

Examples at SeaScape Studio:
Crown Toby
Dogface Puffer
Kwajalein Toby
Leopard Puffer
Mappa Puffer
Papuan Toby
Sharpnose Spotted Toby
Starry Puffer
Stars and Stripes Puffer
Valenti Puffer
Yellowtail Toby