:  The Boxfish
Taxonomy: Tetraodontiformes, Boxfish  (Ostraciidae)
General Information: The boxfish include about 33 species in 14 genera. They have hexagonal scales that fit together to form a carapace that protects the fish. They have no pelvic skeleton or fins, a very small dorsal fin, and a bony carapace that encases the body.
Diet: They feed on sessile invertebrates - sponges, tunicates, etc.
Final Note: The trunkfish/boxfish will feed on coral polyps. They are prone to maladies involving the skin caused by funguses and viruses. Unless the tank is large or the fish are females, only one boxfish should be kept per aquarium.

Examples at SeaScape Studio:
Black Boxfish
Camel Cowfish
Female Blue Boxfish
Long-horned Cowfish
Solorensis Boxfish
Yellow Cubicus Boxfish