:  The Flashlight Fishes
Taxonomy: Beryciformes, Flashlight Fishes  (Anomalopidae)
General Information: There are only 5 genera and 6 species in Anomalopidae. All possess a photophore beneath each eye. It is a kidney-shaped organ that produces a greenish glow. Anomalopids can control the light by either covering it or turning it down. The largest member reaches 10.5 inches and they can be found in deeper than 1000 foot of water.
Diet: Zooplankton
Final Note: The light is produced by bioluminescent bacteria that live in the photophore. The light helps the fish navigate, avoid predation, find prey, and communicate with other flashlight fishes. Seafarers use the fish as a guide through rocky reef areas at night.

Examples at SeaScape Studio:
Flashlight Fish