:  The Whiptails, Spinecheeks
Taxonomy: Perciformes, Whiptails, Spinecheeks  (Nemipteridae)
General Information: There 5 genera and 65 species of fish included in the Nemipteridae. Most have an elongated or oval body form. They have small forward-facing mouths with small conical teeth. Most members have a spine below the eye.
Diet: Benthic invertebrates and fish, some sift sand for food, taking bristleworms, peanut worms, chitons, snails, amphipods, ostractods, crabs, isopods, copepods, small fish, and brittle stars.
Final Note: The whiptails and spinecheeks spend considerable time in the open space of an aquarium. These fish may lighten or darken depending on the color of the sand they are swimming over. Most species have solitary juvenile stages with somewhat social adults that are found in pairs or small groups. Most species have juveniles with different colors than the adult form.

Examples at SeaScape Studio:
Purple Scolopsis
Twoline Spinecheek