:  The Tilefishes
Taxonomy: Perciformes, Tilefishes  (Malacanthidae)
General Information: There are 5 genera and almost 40 species of tilefishes. They are recognized by their long continuous dorsal fin, opercular spine, and long anal fin.
Diet: Zooplankton, bristleworms, crustaceans, small fish.
Final Note: This family requires large amounts of swimming space to accommodate their needs. Suitable refuges must also be provided to acclimate them to an aquarium. Some species may attack corals, such as Elegance Coral. Many species are found in water over 100 feet deep. They do best if they are kept in small groups of tilefishes in the aquarium. They have the tendency to dart aimlessly when alarmed or first introduced into an aquarium so stinging corals should not be present. These fish are excellent jumpers and find their way out of even the smallest openings in aquarium lids.

Examples at SeaScape Studio:
Blue Jaw Tilefish
Chameleon Sand Tilefish
Purple Tile Goby