:  The Spadefishes, Batfishes
Taxonomy: Perciformes, Spadefishes, Batfishes  (Ephippidae)
General Information: There are 7 genera and 20 species of Ephippids. They all have highly compressed and deep bodies with a small mouth.
Diet: Invertebrates including jellyfish, anemones, hydroids, and bristleworms
Final Note: Ephippids grow to large sizes so they are difficult fish for aquaria. Most are hardy and accept aquarium fare, except for Platax pnnatus, the red-finned batfish. They can be kept with other batfish, but should only be housed with peaceful species. They should not be housed with other aggresive species, especially those that nip at fins. Some species are not aquarium reef-safe because they eat cnidarians, and others are prone to infection by ich, Cryptocaryon irritans.

Examples at SeaScape Studio:
Orbic Batfish
Pinnatus Batfish
Tiera Batfish
Zebra Batfish