:  The Moray Eels
Taxonomy: Anguilliformes, Moray Eels  (Muraenidae)
General Information: The moray eels include over 200 species in 15 genera - the orays, snake eels, and conger eels. They have long bodies, usually no scales, no pelvic fins or girdle, continuous dorsal and tail fins, and swim bladders with a duct. Most are marine but a few species are found in brackish or fresh water. They have needle-like teeth.
Diet: Are predators, feeding on fish and crustaceans.
Final Note: Many species grow too large for the home aquarium. They must be handled with care because of the aggressiveness. They may eat prey species whole or bite them into chunks. This should be considered before placing them into a community aquarium.

Examples at SeaScape Studio:
Blue Ribbon Eel
Ghost Ribbon Eel
Golden Dwarf Moray Eel