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Ghost Ribbon Eel   (Pseudechidna brummeri)
Family: Muraenidae (Moray Eels)
Natural Range: Indian Ocean, Western Pacific Ocean
Size: 40 in.   Jumps: Yes   Space: 55+ gal.
Reef Safe: Yes   Care Level: Moderate   Temperament: Peaceful
Diet: Small fish and crustaceans
Natural History: The Ghost Ribbon Eel is a resident of shallow lagoons and reef flats on sand and rubble substrates. It is secretive and reported to hide in the sand and rubble by day. It emerges at night to hunt and feed, swimming in a serpentine motion. It is reported to not change gender (gonochoric).
Husbandry: The Ghost Ribbon eel will likely spend most of its time hiding in the sand and rock of an aquarium. It should be housed in an aquarium with plenty of live rock to satisfy its need for daytime shelter. Life foods are often required to get them to feed - grass shrimp are a common offering. This eel may eat ornamental crustaceans and small fish so it should not be housed with them.

AKA: White Ribbon Eel

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