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Christmas Island Trigger   (Xanthichthys dorsopunctatus)
Family: Balistidae (Triggerfishes)
Natural Range: Christmas Island
Depth: 26 to 492 ft.   Size: 12 in.   Jumps: No   Space: 75+ gal.
Reef Safe: Yes   Care Level: Easy   Temperament: Caution
Diet: Zooplankton - copepods
Natural History: The Christmas Island Trigger has been observed one the reefs around Christmas Island in the east Indian Ocean.
Husbandry: Christmas Island Triggers are a newly documented species (or possibly a hybrid). Little is know about them at this time. It is presumed they may feed on ornamental invertebrates in captivity. They should be offered meaty foods and and macroscopic algae. They have not been observed to be as aggressive as some of the triggers.

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