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Red Stripe Cardinalfish   (Apogon margaritiphorus)
Family: Apogonidae (Cardinalfish)
Natural Range: Pacific Ocean
Depth: 3 to 33 ft.   Size: 2.5 in.   Jumps: No   Space: 20+ gal.
Reef Safe: Yes   Care Level: Easy   Temperament: Peaceful
Diet: Zooplankton
Natural History: The Red Stripe Cardinalfish is generally found in small groups in shallow protected areas. It is often associated with seagrass beds and often shelters near sea urchins or sea anemones for protection.
Husbandry: The Red Stripe Cardinalfish does best if kept in groups of 5 or so in an aquarium. Offer frozen foods that appear live. You may need to feed copepods when first introduced to the aquarium. It may eat small ornamental crustaceans so caution is advised in a mixed tank.

AKA: Pearly Cardinalfish

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