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Target Dragonet   (Synchiropus picturatus)
Family: Callionymidae (Dragonets)
Natural Range: Western Pacific Ocean
Depth: 0 to 66 ft.   Size: 2.8 in.   Jumps: No   Space: 75+ gal.
Reef Safe: Yes   Care Level: Difficult   Temperament: Peaceful
Diet: Copepods, small crustaceans
Natural History: The Target Dragonet is found on sandy bottom sheltered reefs, tidal creeks, and mangroves. It lives a secretive life among and below the coral. This species produces copious slime over the surface of its body.
Husbandry: The Target Dragonet is peaceful except with other Mandarin Gobies. Only one male should be housed per tank. Live rock and a refugium are helpful to producing food for this species. In an aquarium with abundant filamentous algae there are often enough copepods to satisfy a Target Goby

AKA: Yellow Mandarin Goby, Picturesque Dragonet, Spotted Mandarin

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