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Rhomboid Wrasse   (Cirrhilabrus rhomboidalis)
Family: Labridae (Hogfish, Wrasses)
Natural Range: Marshall Islands, Palau, Yap
Depth: 125 to 132 ft.   Size: 6 in.   Jumps: Yes   Space: 55+ gal.
Reef Safe: Yes   Care Level: Moderate   Temperament: Peaceful
Diet: Plankton
Natural History: The Rhomboid Wrasse is found on the steep outer slopes of reefs at a very restricted depth. It is observed to be more shy than other fairy wrasses and seen hiding among the rocks. Males are reported to be more intensely yellow than females with a vivid blue dorsal fin.
Husbandry: The Rhomboid Wrasse is not often seen in the aquarium trade and, because of its coloration, a fish in high demand. It is generally peaceful with unrelated tankmates. Two male Rhomboid Wrasses should not be housed together. This species is reported to acclimate quickly and will likely accept most foods. This species is reported to be less aggressive than most other fairy wrasses. Males will likely be much shyer than females and will often move from crevice to crevice in a live rock formation. Females will generally swim about, oblivious to movement outside the aquarium.

AKA: Rhomboid Fairy Wrasse, Golden Fairy Wrasse

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