:  Nephtheidae
Taxonomy: Alcyonacea: Nephtheidae (Octocorals)
Body Form: A Nephtheid has the appearance of a small tree - a 'bonsai'. They generally have a thick stalk with numerous branches. They posses both autozooids (feeding) and siphonozooids (circulating water). Slerites are scattered and the body surface is smooth.
Diet: The octocorals are generally polytrophic - getting nutrition from zooxanthellae (algae) in their tissues, nutrient uptake from the seawater, and feeding on microplankton.    Care Level:  easy
Natural History: Nephtheids include cauliflower and carnation soft corals. They are more delicate than the Alcyonarians. They may be difficult to maintain and colony collapse is a common problem. Taxonomy is difficult, even to the genus level.
Bright Yellow Neospongodes
Carnation Coral
Carnation Coral
Dendronephthya - Orange
Dendronephthya - Purple/Orange
Kenya Tree Coral
Magenta Orange Thing
Neospongodes - Orange
Pink Scleronephthya
Scleronephthya - Red
Tree Coral
Two-tone Lemnalia