:  Gorgoniidae
Taxonomy: Alcyonacea: Gorgoniidae (Octocorals)
Body Form: The body form is stalked and branching. The body wall is composed of gorgonin, a protein that is exclusive to the gorgonians. Some forms produce delicate sheets beween branches and resemble fans while others have branches only.
Diet: The gorgoniids include both photosynthetic and nonphotosynthetic genera. The photosynthetic forms use sunlight to grow their symbiotic zooxanthellae and feed themselves. The nonphotosynthetic forms absorb micronutrients and microplankton from the water.    Care Level:  moderate
Natural History: Gorgoniids include a number of diverse species with retractile polyps in diverse locations of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. They are some of the most common cnidarians of shallow inshore reefs. Many produce terpenes that are under study for human use. Many are common to high light and high water flow-high surge areas. They can become covered with nuisance algae in aquaria and may require periodic cleaning.
Purple Whip Gorgonian
Purple Willow Gorgonian
Red Sea Whip
Sea Plume
Sea Whip
Yellow Ribbon Gorgonian