:  Acroporidae
Taxonomy: Scleractinia: Acroporidae (Stony Corals)
Body Form: All Scleractinia have polyps with 6 tentacles or multiples of 6. All members produce a stony skeleton of aragonite. They have porous skeletons that can be branching, bushy, clustered, or tabletop in form.
Diet: Some have zooxanthellae and others are entirely heterotrophic.    Care Level:  difficult
Natural History: The Acroporidae are fast growers and the best reef-builders in the oceans. They are best represented in the Pacific Ocean. The Acroporidae includes almost a third of all reef-building corals. While they are fast growers in reef systems, they are delicant and intolerant of changes in water chemistry, making them vulnerable to the affects of storms and pollution. They are difficult to grow in an aquarium, but require strong back-and-forth water flow, high light intensity, high calcium and strontium levels. They are generally intolerant of temperature fluctuations.
Acro - micropthalma
Acropora (gomezi)
Acropora - Amazing Aqua
Acropora - Baby Blue
Acropora - Blue Nubby
Acropora - Cultured, Bali
Acropora - Fancy Super
Acropora - Pearl Berry
Acropora - Blue
Acropora - Chesterfield
Acropora - Cultured
Acropora - Green Table
Acropora - Purple Plazma
Green Plate Montipora
Green Table Acropora
Light Blue Millepora
Light Pink Millepora Frag
Medium Blue Tort
Montipora - Green
Montipora - Purple
Montipora - Red
Montipora - Red Crust
Superman, Poker Star