Coral Guide

Crust Coral   (Leptastrea sp.)
Family: Faviidae (Stony Corals)
Habitat: Leptastrea is found in reef areas with moderate to high water flow and light levels.
Light: Medium   Water Flow: Medium   Space: 50+ gal.
Reef Safe: Yes   Care Level: Easy   Temperament: Peaceful
Diet: These corals have zooxanthellae which provide much of their nutrition. It is believed they also feed on microzooplankton and directly absorb some nutrients from the water.
Natural History: Crust Corals produce spherical skeletons. Their polyps, when extended, are longer than some of their Faviid members, which gives them a much greater 'fuzzy' appearance. Most colonies are up to 4 inches in diameter.
Husbandry: Leptastrea are found in a variety of reef conditions but most species seem to prosper under moderate light and water conditions. Some species prefer strong scouring wave action while others are found on deep reefs.

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