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Rock Anemone   (Epicystis crucifer)
Family: Phymanthidae (Anemones)
Habitat: Vertical rocky walls with moderate water flow
Light: Medium   Water Flow: Medium   Space: 50+ gal.
Reef Safe: Yes   Care Level: Moderate   Temperament: Aggressive
Diet: Small fish, invertebrates
Natural History: The Rock Anemone is native to the Caribbean where it is found on rocky dropoffs. It has a potent sting and feeds on small fish and invertebrates.
Husbandry: The Rock Anemone is reported to be hardy in captivity. It prefers a vertical rocky surface to which it will attach. It will generally not move about the aquaria if a suitable habitat is provided. Most of its basal disk will likely be entrenched in the rock/sand and only tentacles will likely be visible. It is reported to prefer a shaded site. It requires meaty food offerings such as chopped fish or mussels.

AKA: Rock Flower Anemone

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