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Zoanthus Sponge Symbiosis   (Zoanthus sp.)
Family: Zoanthidae (Colonial Anemones)
Habitat: Shallow high flow and mix areas of reefs.
Light: High   Water Flow: High   Space: 1+ gal.
Reef Safe: Yes   Care Level: Difficult   Temperament: Peaceful
Diet: Zoanthids rely mostly on their zooxanthellae for nutrition, as well as microplankton capture.
Natural History: The Zoanthus are a colonial genus of corals that are sometimes found in symbiotic association with sponges. The species of sponge are very specific for the species of zoanthus associated with them, while the zoanthid is not nearly as specific, associating with a variety of sponges. Furthermore, the sponge usually can survive without its partner while the zoanthid usually cannot.
Husbandry: Zoanthid zooxanthellae are the basis of their nutrition but most will also feed on sea urchin eggs or other microplanktonic offerings. The sponge feeds by filtering microplanktonic offerings from the water. They prefer strong water flow and bright light.

AKA: Aussie Red Spiderman Sponge

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