Yellow Banded Coral Shrimp   (Stenopus zanzibaricus)
Phylum: Arthropoda, Class: Crustacea
Range: Indo-Pacific Region
Size: 2 in.    Space:: 50+ gal.     Diet: Detritus, dead organisms, snails, other shrimp
Reef Safe: Yes   Care Level: Moderate   Temperament: Caution
Natural History: The Yellow Banded Coral Shrimp is found in rocky and coral-rich reef areas.
Husbandry: The Yellow Banded Coral Shrimp is an aggressive crustacean that will likely attack other shrimp. It is reported to eat snails in captivity and will likely decimate a harmful/beneficial bristleworm population. Lost legs from transport are reported to grow back during the next molt.

AKA: Zanzibar Banded Shrimp

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