Emperor Shrimp   (Periclimenes imperator)
Phylum: Arthropoda, Class: Crustacea
Range: Indo-Pacific Region
Size: 0.75 in.    Space:: 100+ gal.     Diet: Detritus, algae
Reef Safe: Yes   Care Level: Moderate   Temperament: Peaceful
Natural History: The Emperor Shrimp is found in bays, lagoons, reef flats and slopes. It is a commensalistic shrimp that associated with nudibranchs and medusa worms. Its color and color pattern is partially determined by the color of its host. It has been observed to feed on food disturbed by the feeding of its host.
Husbandry: The Emperor Shrimp is best housed with its host. The space required by this shrimp is largely determined by its host. Medusa worms require more space while nudibranchs require much less.

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