Pharoah Cuttlefish   (Sepia pharaonis)
Phylum: Mollusca, Class: Cephalopoda
Range: Red Sea, Indian Ocean
Size: 16.5 in.    Space:: 300+ gal.     Diet: Crustaceans, fish
Reef Safe: Yes   Care Level: Difficult   Temperament: Caution
Natural History: The Pharoah Cuttlefish is a rather large species of cuttlefish that can reach 5 pounds in mass. They grow from eggs about the size of a blueberry to their final size in less than a year. Their life span is generally less than a year, at about 240 days. Fertile eggs take only about 14 days to develop at 28C. At hatching they are about 0.5 inches in length, and rest on the substrate. Their chromatophores are already active, and they are able to change color at hatching. They grow rapidly and will feed on ornamental shrimp and crustaceans, along with small fish in an aquarium. They are active predators. They are breeding age at 110 days.
Husbandry: Pharoah Cuttlefish require regular feedings of meaty foods to thrive in captivity. They also require high quality water and a high volume skimmer will likely be necessary to keep the water at its best.

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