Giant Feather Duster Worm   (Sabellastarte sp.)
Phylum: Annelida, Class: Sabellidae
Range: Tropical Seas
Size: 4 in.    Space:: 10+ gal.     Diet: Phytoplankton, particulates in in water column
Reef Safe: Yes   Care Level: Moderate   Temperament: Peaceful
Natural History: The Giant Feather Duster Worm is a relative of the garden earthworm. It uses its colorful tentacles to filter the water for food, which includes phytoplankton and bacteria. This species grows a crown approximately 4 inches in diameter.
Husbandry: The Giant Feather Duster Worm requires a high density of phytoplankton and dissolved particulates to survive in a marine aquarium. Regular phytoplankton feedings are required. The worm generally buries its tube in the sand and the crown protrudes above to strain the water. There are Indo-Pacific and Caribbean species in this genus. If this worm sheds its tentacle crown, it is not getting enough food. It will usually regrow another, smaller than the previous. If this cycle continues, the worm will starve.

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