Antler Staghorn Hermit Crab   (Manucomplanus varians w/ Janaria mirabilis)
Phylum: Arthropoda, Class: Crustacea
Range: Indo-Pacific
Size: 2 in.    Space:: 10+ gal.     Diet: Scavenger, detritus, algae
Reef Safe: Yes   Care Level: Moderate   Temperament: Peaceful
Natural History: Manucomplanus is the small shrimp, Janaria is the staghorn hydrocoral that is carried on the shrimp's back. The coral can live without the shrimp, but the shrimp will likely die without its coral. The shrimp builds a 'door' on the entrance to the coral that is closed to protect it when in danger.
Husbandry: To maintain the Antler Staghorn Hermit Crab and the shrimp, both must be properly fed. The Antler Staghorn is a hydrozoan that will feed on microplankton. It should not be in frequent contact with other coral polyps in a reef tank. The Hermit Crab is easier to care for and will accept meaty foods of all types. This symbiosis is likely best housed in an aquarium with live rock, deep sand, and minimal corals.

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