Berghia Nudibranch   (Berghia sp.)
Phylum: Mollusca, Class: Gastropoda
Range: Tropical Seas
Size: 0.5 in.    Space:: 10+ gal.     Diet: Aiptasia
Reef Safe: Yes   Care Level: Easy   Temperament: Peaceful
Natural History: Berghia are tiny nudibranchs (sea slugs) that graze over rock and coral for Aiptasia. They are molluscs and related to snails and clams.
Husbandry: Berghia care is simple. They should be provided live rock on which to graze, and there should be at least some Aiptasia to feed on . The Berghia will lay eggs and the young will grow in the aquarium. After repeated life cycles, most Aiptasia problems are reported to disappear. If there is no Aiptasia, the Berghia population generally dwindles. It is reported that they should be acclimated with aquarium lights and power heads off. Peppermint shrimp are reported to feed on them.

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