Striped Urchin Crab   (Zebrida adamsii)
Phylum: Arthropoda, Class: Crustacea
Range: Indo-Pacific Region
Size: 1 in.    Space:: 50+ gal.     Diet:
Reef Safe: Yes   Care Level: Moderate   Temperament: Peaceful
Natural History: The Striped Urchin Crab is normally found in lagoons, bays, and back reefs. It uses the protection of sea urchins (such as Tripneustes, Astropyga) as a place to live. The last segment of the crab's walking legs are hooked to hang onto the urchin spines.
Husbandry: The Striped Urchin Crab is reported to feed on the spines of sea urchins, including those of the long-spine urchin (Diadema). Several sea urchins will likely be necessary to sustain a single crab indefinitely without urchin loss. The crabs are also reported to be reef safe and harm nothing but sea urchins. The crabs will move periodically from urchin to urchin in a multiple-urchin system.

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