:  The Dragonets
Taxonomy: Perciformes, Dragonets  (Callionymidae)
General Information: The dragonets include about 150+ species in 11 genera. Most are marine. They have a small mouth and a small gill opening, along with a spine on the preopercle.
Diet: Most species feed on benthic invertebrates cuh as copepods and amphipods
Final Note: Dragonets are benthic and require live food. The two species that are most population - the mandarinfishes - are colorful and require live rock and sand. They are a good choice for a reef aquarium with plenty of hiding places for both the fish and their prey. Copepods may need to be reintroduced to the tank periodically to maintain healthy dragonets. Some dragonets are sexually dimorphic - the males get larger and has larger dorsal fin spines.

Examples at SeaScape Studio:
Mandarin Fish
Mother Sailfin Dragonet
Red Scooter Dragonet
Sand Dragonet
Scooter Dragonet
Target Dragonet