:  The Cardinalfishes
Taxonomy: Perciformes, Cardinalfishes  (Apogonidae)
General Information: The cardinalfishes include about 330 species in 24 genera. They are mostly marine with a few brackish water and freshwater species. Their dorsal fin is divided into two distinct sections and they are often brightly colored. Their scales are ctenoid (overlapping and ridged).
Diet: Most species feed on plankton.
Final Note: Most species are safe with corals and other smaller fish. Most species are good community fish.

Examples at SeaScape Studio:
Bali Red Cardinalfish
Banggai Cardinalfish
Black Cardinalfish
Five-striped Cardinalfish
Flame Cardinal
Lemon Drop Cardinalfish
Orangestriped Cardinalfish
Pajama Cardinalfish
Red Stripe Cardinalfish
Red-spot Cardinalfish
Samoan Cardinalfish
Threadfin Blue Eyed Cardinal