:  The Livebearing Brotulas
Taxonomy: Ophidiiformes, Livebearing Brotulas  (Bythitidae)
General Information: There are 31 genera and over 90 species of Livebearing Brotulas. They have elongated and compressed eel-like bodies, along with scales and swimbladders. They have preopercular spines and anal fins that consist of long filaments.
Diet: These fish feed on a wide variety of crustaceans, including shrimp and copepods.
Final Note: The Livebearing Brotulas may require a darkened aquarium to acclimate properly to captivity. They may starve in large reef systems unless they are intentionally fed at night because they hide so well. Greater success is reported in small systems with a limited number of hiding places where intentional feeding is successful.

Examples at SeaScape Studio:
Yellow Eel Goby