:  The Ghost Pipefishes
Taxonomy: Gasterosteiformes, Ghost Pipefishes  (Solenostomidae)
General Information: There is only one genus in this family, with 3 to 6 species. This is a very unusual group of fishes, with shape and bahavioral camouflage like no other group. They are generally difficult to see because they blend in to their habitat so well. The females have pelvic fins that are connected along their edges for form a brooding pouch. Their long snout and mouth is used to ambush and capture small crustacean prey. Their fins lack spines.
Diet: This group of fish feeds primarily on small crustaceans.
Final Note: The Ghost Pipefishes are rare in the aquarium trade due to their incredibly good camouflage and rarity on most reefs. They also require excellent husbandry to survive in captivity.

Examples at SeaScape Studio:
Ornate Ghost Pipefish