:  The Snappers
Taxonomy: Perciformes, Snappers  (Lutjanidae)
General Information: There are 21 genera which include more than 125 species of snappers. They have forward pelvic fins that are nearly neneath their pectoral fis and a continuous dorsal fin. Most snappers are marine but there are a few brackish and freshwater species. Many snapper species are consumed by humans.
Diet: Nearly all species are carnivorous. Small fish, benthic crustaceans, clams, snails, and echinoderns.
Final Note: Snappers can live to over 20 years in captivity. They require large aquaria and large swimming spaces to thrive in captivity. They will learn the sight of their owner and 'beg' for food. THey are easy to feed.

Examples at SeaScape Studio:
Emperor Red Snapper