:  The Clingfishes
Taxonomy: Perciformes, Clingfishes  (Gobiesocidae)
General Information: There are about 36 species in Gobiesocidae with 36 genera. These fish are small and tadpole-shaped. Their pelvic fins are modified with suction discs so that they can cling to surfaces even in strong current. They lack scales, a swimbladder, and fin spines, but produce noticeable slime. All are marine and live in shallow inshore water around rocks. A few species are associated with sea urchins.
Diet: Benthic invertebrates such as small crustaceans and barnacles.
Final Note: Clingfishes are hardy aquarium fish. They are secretive and may hide among rocks or urchins and out of sight. They are reported to be tame enough to feed out of feeding boxes and owner's fingers. They are territorial and may not tolerate other small benthic fishes in their aquarium. They are rare in the aquarium trade.

Examples at SeaScape Studio:
Yellow Stripe Clingfish