:  The Triggerfishes
Taxonomy: Tetraodontiformes, Triggerfishes  (Balistidae)
General Information: The triggerfishes include about 37 species in 12 genera. These fish have highly derived anatomical features different from other Perciform fish - fewer teeth, fusion of the jaw bones, no pelvic fins or girdle, and a reduction in the number of skull bones. They are laterally compressed and have two separate dorsal fins. They are all marine.
Diet: Mostly benthic invertebrates, some eat zooplankton or floating algae.
Final Note: The dorsal spines of a trigger are easily tanged in a net so they should be handled in containers only. The first dorsal spine is locked in position by the second spine. They need a large aquarium for swimming.

Examples at SeaScape Studio:
Bluejaw Trigger (female)
Bluejaw Trigger (male)
Bursa Triggerfish
Christmas Island Trigger
Clown Triggerfish
Crosshatch Trigger
Crosshatch Trigger - Female
Gold Heart Triggerfish
Goldenback Trigger
Hawaiian Black Trigger
Huma Trigger
Niger Trigger
Pink Tail Triggerfish
Sargassum Trigger
White-tipped Triggerfish