:  The Pipefish
Taxonomy: Gasterosteiformes, Pipefish  (Syngnathidae)
General Information: The Syngnathidae includes about 200 species in about 52 genera. The pipefish have thick bony armor plates covering their body, along with elongated snouts and fused jaws. As a result their body is rigid so their swimming involves rapid fin motion. They lack pelvic fins.
Diet: The diet is primarily crustaceans, and should include brine and mysis shrimp, at a minimum.
Final Note: Successful care of pipefishes requires vigilant feeding and peaceful tankmates. They should not be kept with corals that carry a potent sting. Seahorses require numerous structures around which they can wrap their tail.

Examples at SeaScape Studio:
Banded Pipefish
Dragon-faced Pipefish
Flame Pipefish
Giant Seahorse
Green Dragon Pipefish
Yellow Seahorse