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Blue Harptail Blenny   (Meiacanthus mossambicus)
Family: Blenniidae (Blennies)
Natural Range: Indian Ocean
Depth: 10 to 100 ft.   Size: 3.5 in.   Jumps: Yes   Space: 25+ gal.
Reef Safe: Yes   Care Level: Moderate   Temperament: Peaceful
Diet: Small crustaceans, invertebrates
Natural History: The Blue Harptail Blenny is found on reefs with sand and rubble bottoms often with sparce coral growth. It has a venomous bite and can bite the inside of a predator's mouth if swallowed. The predator generally spits out the harptail blenny!
Husbandry: The Blue Harptail Blenny is a hardy aquarium fish. It is peaceful with unrelated species but likely to be territorial and aggressive with other bottom dwelling fish, especially Harptail Blennies. It has a painful bite and must be handled with care.

AKA: Mozambique Fangblenny, Mozambique Blenny

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