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Yellow Belly Blue Hippo Tang   (Paracanthurus hepatus)
Family: Acanthuridae (Tangs/Surgeonfishes)
Natural Range: Indian Ocean
Depth: 6 to 131 ft.   Size: 10 in.   Jumps: No   Space: 75+ gal.
Reef Safe: Yes   Care Level: Moderate   Temperament: Aggressive
Diet: Zooplankton, algae, detritus, feces
Natural History: Adult Yellow Belly Blue Hippo Tangs are generally found in loose groups in very shallow water with heavy current and water flow. Juveniles prefer the shelter of stony coral branches. This tang becomes more aggressive once it grows to several inches in size, but cohabitates well as juveniles. Blue Hippo Tangs are generally not common where they are found, and localized to specific areas on reefs. This Yellow Belly variety of Blue Hippo Tang is indigenous to the Indian Ocean only.
Husbandry: Yellow Belly Blue Hippo Tangs feeds more on plankton than other tangs, and its diet should include mysid shrimp and other meaty preparations along with algae. This tang is considered a very hardy aquarium fish. It should be housed with other aggressive tankmates.

AKA: Yellow Belly Regal Blue Tang

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