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Multicolor Angelfish   (Centropyge multicolor)
Family: Pomacanthidae (Angelfishes)
Natural Range: Pacific Ocean
Depth: 39 to 325 ft.   Size: 3 in.   Jumps: No   Space: 55+ gal.
Reef Safe: No   Care Level: Easy   Temperament: Aggressive
Diet: algae, detritus
Natural History: The Multicolor Angelfish found on steep rubble slopes and dropoffs. It never strays far from refuge on a reef. On reef slopes it is usually found in small haremic groups whereas on dropoffs it is observed singly.
Husbandry: The Multibarred Angelfish is considered relatively durable. It should be provided numerous hiding places and reduced lighting. It is aggressive with other pygmy angels, anthias, butterflyfishes, and fairy wrasses. It is best kept with dottybacks, damselfishes, tangs, and larger angelfishes. It may pick at the polyps of some stony corals. It is also very vulnerable to copper-based medications.
Reproduction: This species utilizes a spawning ascent into the water column to release and fertilize eggs. It has been bred in captivity.

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