:  The Mushroom Corals
Anthozoa: Mushroom Corals
Body Form: Mushroom corals (Corallimorphs) have soft bodies that have a very similar structure to those of the stony corals, except they do not possess long feeding tentacles. They normally grow in colonies of polyps that attach to the substate with a pedal disc. The body (column) holds the oral disc upward for feeding. Their stinging nematocysts are able to catch planktonic food. They are zooxanthellate and have symbiotic algae within their cells that provide some nutrition.
Natural History: The Corallimorphs include mushroom and disc anemones. The reproduce prolifically by budding and fission. They produce toxins that serve to protect them against overcrowding. Taxonomy of corallimorphs is difficult and currently in debate. The best methods - DNA testing - are expensive and not commonly done.
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